Udacity is Now Offering an Online Course for Flying Car Engineering

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Terrafugia Flying Car
Photo: LotPro Cars

Sebastian Thrun, AI expert is perhaps most well-known for kick-starting Google’s self-driving car program called Waymo. It turns out he has also established his own online education company called Udacity, which specializes in the software, technology, and engineering fields.

Besides featuring a Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree Program that debuted last year, this year’s offerings include a Flying Car Nanodegree Program.

Is the idea of flying cars starting to become enough of a reality that engineering-inclined individuals should start equipping themselves for a career in this emerging field? The answer appears to be “yes.”

Mainstream powerhouses like Google, Airbus, and Uber as well as a variety of startups are actively taking strides to making flying cars a reality. Many people believe that this type of vehicle would optimize travel speed while reducing emissions. Thrun himself testifies to the predicted rise in this new technology: “I see a future where everybody flies at least once a day.”

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The Flying Car Engineering Program is geared toward students who have a solid background in math and programming. Experience with differential calculus is a plus.

The course material will spotlight flight simulators rather than conventional lecture format. Students will need to carve out an estimated 10-20 hours per week to keep up to pace with the course. Because the course is online, it will allow non-traditional students interested in Flying Car Engineering to obtain training in this budding field.

Course content will be supplemented with expert lectures from leading intellectuals in the industry including Angela Schoellig from the University of Toronto’s Institute for Aerospace Studies, Nicholas Roy from MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Raff D’Andrea co-founder of Kiva Systems.

Maybe a Jetson-style flying vehicle will be the next fad when it comes to family-haulers—and sooner than anyone might have guessed.


News Source: Wired