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UK Driver Gets New Passenger With Used Car

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Sometimes when you buy a used car, you find some treasures you weren’t expecting. When I opened my trunk for the first time, I found extra floor mats and a used air freshener. When one British driver took a closer look at their newly-purchased car, they discovered that not only did they acquire a new ride, but a new pet as well. A cold, slippery pet that was not a fan of the driver’s dog.

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, the free best friend was a five foot long corn snake. While that species of snake isn’t poisonous, it can certainly be a shock to look in the back seat of your new used Nissan Navara to see a creature wrapped around your dog’s leg. To make matters even worse, once the dog was freed from the snake it proceeded to disappear completely from sight.

Police found the driver, her partner, and the dog on the side of the road, trying to capture the snake. Some pictures of the sneaky creature were taken when it peeked out, but the task of removing it from the vehicle was unsuccessful, unfortunately. The couple finally got up the courage to drive the car home, though we’re sure it was a terrifying journey.

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To make this story even better, it is suspected that this corn snake is named Keith and was lost by the former owner of the Nissan vehicle. When the snake went missing, his owner Fiona Wellington knew he was in the car because she found a discarded skin. She neglected to tell anyone before the car was sold, and now it’s suspected that Keith has found a home in the structure of the car.

There is no word yet if Keith the corn snake has been found yet, but we hope for everyone involved that he comes out of hiding soon. Having a loose snake in the car is way worse than a spider, that’s for sure.

News Source: BBC News