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University of Michigan Terrorized by Turkey

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Wild Turkey

Pictured: not the turkey, but a turkey nonetheless
Image: davejdoe

The North Campus of the University of Michigan has been faced with fear with a side of mashed potatoes – a wild turkey that has been seen roaming (read “hunting in”) the campus’ wooded areas and streets.

This terror on two drumsticks has been described as a “very aggressive bird” by UM Police deputy chief Melissa Overton, and likes to create mayhem near the corner of Merfin and Bonisteel—the site of several bus stops, a student center, and the Walgreen Drama Center.

The turkey enjoys a number of different activities. First, it likes to lie down in the middle of the road and refuse to move, blocking traffic. Although it has not hurt anyone (that we know of), the turkey has been reported chasing people, even cornering some of them.

The turkey has even attempted to increase the range of its activities using the buses, but has so far been unsuccessful. Overton said that, when they initially contacted the state government, they were unable to garner aid.

“When we first heard about it, we contacted the DNR [Department of Natural Resources], and their original response was they would not remove the turkey and relocate it unless it was causing damage to the buildings,” Overton said.

However, perhaps recognizing Feathered Fear at last, the DNR changed their minds. “Then we had further contact with them over the weekend and they seem to have changed their mind.” Overton said. “We now plan to relocate the turkey the next opportunity we get.”