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Unveiled: 2015 Camry Race Car Ready for Action

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To go along with the shiny new Camry that’s caught everyone’s eye, Toyota has just unveiled the revamped 2015 Camry Race Car that will compete in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS) starting in the next racing season. This marks the first time a NASCAR ‘Gen-6’ model has been updated since the generation debuted back in 2012 for the 2013 race season.

2015 Camry Race Car

The 2015 Camry Race Car

Taking design elements from the Camry production model, the 2015 Camry Race Car is designed to stand out from its competitors. The sedan was designed by Toyota Racing Development (TRD) and Calty Design Research—the Toyota design arm responsible for the good looks of many Toyota models, including the FT-1 Concept that has Supra fans on the edge of their seats. TRD and Camry worked tirelessly to keep the heart and soul of the race car while incorporating elements from the production 2015 Camry to give it a striking new look.

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2015 Camry Race Car

2015 Camry Race Car

“We’re thrilled to finally be able to show off our new 2015 Camry race car—becoming the first manufacturer to update the ‘Gen-6’ model that was introduced before the start of the 2013 season,” remarked Ed Laukes, TMS vice president of marketing, performance, and guest experience. “We anticipate that fans will appreciate the development behind this bold Camry design—both on the race track and the showroom floor. Fans will have the chance to get an up close look at our new 2015 Camry in our NASCAR activation and fan engagement activities.”

The 2015 Camry Race Car is immediately noticeable with its redesigned front end and aggressive-looking grille, which borrows exactly from the production Camry. TRD and Calty went for a sleeker appearance by changing the car’s quarter windows, redesigning the hood and nose, and giving the race car a new tail.

The new Camry race car will debut in February at Daytona International Speedway, but if you can’t wait until then, check out our gallery for an up-close look.

Gallery: 2015 Camry Race Car

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