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UPDATE: Sergio Marchionne Dismisses Rumors of a Revived Dodge Viper

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Reports of the Viper's return were evidently premature, as FCA has no plans in place to revive the performance model

2016 Dodge Viper Driving

The Viper will stay buried for the time being

Early last week, rumors emerged of a new generation of Dodge Viper vehicles. For automotive enthusiasts, this news sounded too good to be true.

Evidently, that is exactly the case. Fiat Chrysler’s CEO Sergio Marchionne recently dismissed the rumors of a new Dodge Viper.

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During Fiat Chrysler’s Capital Markets presentation last Friday, Marchionne was asked about the the revived Viper. According to the CEO, a new Dodge Viper is “not in the plan” laid out for FCA’s brands.

Marchionne was quick to point out that the original iteration of the Viper didn’t make much money for FCA. Furthermore, he referred to the V-8 engine model equipped to the rumored Dodge Viper as a “cute” powertrain that wouldn’t work for the vehicle.

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In addition to a new V-8 engine, the rumored Dodge Viper included several other features that would have been new for the Viper line. For example, the new Viper was reported to offer a number of different powertrain options, ranging from 550 horsepower to 700 horsepower.

The theoretical Viper also would have carried a far smaller pricetag, starting at under $90,000. Its rumored release date was set for 2021.

Fans shouldn’t give up completely on a return for the Dodge Viper. After all, Marchionne reportedly said he would be very happy if FCA could find a more cost-productive way to bring the performance model back. Still, with the future of the Dodge brand as a whole still under question, the chances of seeing a new Dodge Viper any time soon just became a lot more unlikely.

News Source: Road and Track