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You’re Fired! Valet’s Hilariously Bad Video Review of Customer’s BMW

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Valet Video Review of Customer's M4 2

Could you imagine this happening to your car?
Photo: luv4mpower

We all have impulses–those daydreams during work when we imagine doing things we shouldn’t, but really want to. Anyone who’s worked a boring job or tedious customer service role can attest there are moments you feel compelled to let loose and do whatever comes to mind.

But you don’t give in to those impulses. And you certainly don’t record yourself doing so without assuming you’ll get caught.

That brings us to the job of valet parking. Many valets probably have the impulse to go all Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and take a fancy car for a joy ride. Heck, quite a few undoubtedly have.

Ferris Bueller Car

And while some have gotten caught doing this by dashcams or in-car monitoring systems, this is the first time we remember a valet proudly recording himself giving an online “review” of the vehicle being parked.

As you’d expect, ValetDrive’s (yes, that was his actual YouTube user name) video review of a customer’s BMW M4 got him canned.

Video Review of Customer’s BMW Sends Valet Packing

While most valets are courteous and helpful, this one decided to use the opportunity to create a YouTube page and Twitter account to film himself driving and reviewing clients’ vehicles. His last entry–the one that did him in–was a rambling seven-minute video “review” of a customer’s BMW M4.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, involves speeding and rapid braking in a downtown condo complex parking garage.

Valet Video Review of Customer's M4 3

Oh look, the M4 has a meme under the hood!
Photo: luv4mpower

What’s inciting comments isn’t just the valet’s joy ride in the M4, but how factually inaccurate the “review” is. Highlights include:

“As you can see, we have hints of carbon fiber all over the dashboard here, and a screen to tell you… things…like unknown titles…what the f***.”

“It has this shark-like thing out here to help the aerodynamics.” [referring to the antenna]

“Whenever you wanna go fast in an M car, you hit the M1 button right here…and oh s***, there’s also an M2 button. What does this do? I don’t f***ing know what this does.”

“I’m gonna guess it’s a V6 twin-turbo, that’s just a guess though.”

While the vehicle wasn’t damaged in any way, the escapade was disrespectful and unprofessional.

Valet Video Review of Customer's M4

How did this seem like a good idea?
Photo: luv4mpower

The injustice was spotted by Bimmerpost (via World Car Fans), which identified and contacted the facility’s management. That inevitably led to the valet’s dismissal, which many are saying was the right move. Good thing BMWs will soon be able to park themselves without a valet!

You can watch the infamous video yourself below (which has been posted by other users after being taken down by the OP). Be aware it does contain some hilarious, foul language.


News Source: Jalopnik