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Various Automakers Team Up to Establish the Electric Vehicle Experience Center Near London

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BMW, Nissan, Kia, Mitsubishi, Renault, and Volkswagen are working together to create a space for the general public to explore electric vehicles

The partnership offers a place for drivers to explore the upcoming wave of electric vehicles

These days, it seems like automakers are going all in on electric vehicles. However, just because brands are ready for such a change, that doesn’t mean that the general public is necessarily prepared for the upcoming electric revolution.

Many drivers would first like to know more about electric vehicle models. Thanks to a partnership between BMW, Nissan, Kia, Mitsubishi, Renault, and Volkswagen, motorists can do precisely that at the Electric Vehicle Experience Center near London.

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Located in the town of Milton Keynes, the Electric Vehicle Experience Center is a custom showroom designed specifically for electric vehicles. Electric models from the aforementioned brands are displayed here, circulating continuously with four vehicles showcased at a time.

If you would like to test out how the electric models drive, you can take one of the center’s 59 fleet models out for a spin. There’s no pressure to buy a vehicle right on the spot, as the center’s mission is primarily to educate the populace about electric vehicles.

“It’s less of a brand experience and more of a place to experience the technology,” explained a spokesperson from Mitsubishi.

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The Electric Vehicle Experience Center, set up with help from charging port producer Chargemaster,  is not the first establishment of its kind. The Go Forth store in Portland, Oregon, was created out of a partnership between Ford, Chevrolet, and Nissan, and Shanghai is home to several such centers.

If you want to see if an electric model is right for you but aren’t quite ready to commit to a purchase, you’ll definitely want to plan a trip to the Electric Vehicle Experience Center or one of the many establishments like it located across the globe.

News Source: BMW Blog