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Vauxhall Study: Gen Xers Looking to Chase Dreams (Hopefully in a New Insignia Grand Sport)

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Vauxhall Insignia commercial

Sure, millennials get all the headlines these days, usually when they pertain to killing chain restaurants or loving avocado toast or some such. But what about the trends pertaining to Generation X? Management Today and Vauxhall Motors recently conducted a study—the latter in part to prove the usefulness of its Insignia Grand Sport—that found Generation Xers have taken to the millennial tactic of switching careers and changing jobs, starting businesses of their own, and going back to school.

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Of the fortysomethings polled, around 33% said that they want to earn money through a hobby, 7% say they are already doing just, and 23% say they would prefer to turn that hobby into a full-time career.

Relative to the idea of switching careers, 56% of the respondents think that working at the same job for their entire professional life inhibits growth. More than 20% say that they intend to change their career paths within the next two years, and 20% intend to move into a completely different professional sector. Primary motivators leading to late-career changes include better rewards, improved work-life balance, and flexible schedules.

Similarly, approximately 36% of respondents revealed that they will attend a university or seek professional certification within the next two years, and 43% expressed a desire to continue their educational growth in a new career. About half of Generation Xers have plans to start their own business within the next decade, with motivations ranging from the level of challenge to the ability to be one’s own boss.

And why is Vauxhall presenting these survey results? The answer: promotion.

“As the Insignia Grand Sport sees more business than most cars in the country, we felt, together with Management Today, well positioned to take a closer look at the UK’s changing work landscape,” said Vauxhall Motors Director of Communication Denis Chick. “Aiming to uncover the key trends and opportunities for older professionals, it’s great to see such strong findings that really do prove that the world is your oyster, whatever the age.”

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