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Vehicle Locate Feature Now Available on myChevy Smartphone App

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Chevy-Chevrolet-logo-badge-emblem-bowtieIf you’ve ever lost your vehicle in a crowded parking lot, you know how frustrating and time-consuming this scenario can be. Now, there’s good news for Chevy owners.

Chevrolet recently announced that the myChevy smartphone app will now include a Vehicle Locate feature. Per GM Authority, this function replaces the Family Link function, which lacked application support and depended on an internet connection.

Not only does the app notify you of your vehicle’s location in a parking lot, but it also has an additional function¬†to make life a bit more convenient. Per Chevrolet, you can also set boundary alerts so you know when your vehicle has traveled beyond a certain region. This can help parents monitor teen drivers when they borrow the family vehicle.

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Additionally, the app also lets you set and share notifications for arrivals and departures. This capability allows users to check that a loved one has left a destination or arrived at a destination safely.

One caveat for the Vehicle Locate tool is that you can only track individuals who have also installed the myChevy app on their smartphone. Once this requirement has been met, you can add up to 10 people on the notification list. It’s a useful feature for families who want to keep each other in the loop about their comings and goings.

The new Vehicle Locate function is available in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, as long as your Chevrolet model is 2012 or newer. If you haven’t downloaded the myChevy app yet, this new tool gives you just one more reason to do so.

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