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Vehicles Featured in Demi Lovato Music Videos

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Adding to the list of chart-topping artists to end the summer with new music is Demi Lovato, announcing the release of her new album, “Tell Me You Love Me.” This doesn’t come as a complete shock, since she recently dropped her hit single, “Sorry Not Sorry.”

To celebrate her new album, we decided to take a look at some of Demi’s older music videos and the vehicles that have been featured in them.

[wptab name= “Sorry Not Sorry”]

Demi Lovato Jaguar F-TYPE Sorry Not Sorry Demi Lovato Jaguar F-TYPE Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry

Earlier this summer, Demi Lovato partnered with Jaguar to include a brand new Jaguar F-TYPE in her new music video for “Sorry Not Sorry.” The video concept included Demi throwing a house party with a camera crew inside, letting the night unfold as it may. The Jaguar F-TYPE was their stylish ride to the party (don’t worry – they took an Uber home). The F-TYPE even included a custom license plate: “17 SNS.”



[wptab name=”Cool for the Summer”]

Demi Lovato Cool for the Summer Ferrari California

Cool for the Summer

Demi definitely loves lavish convertible sports cars as her ride to any party. In “Cool for the Summer,” Demi features a Ferrari California in a bright cherry red, bound to stand out from the crowd. She and her friends pull up in the convertible Ferrari ready to take on the summer.



[wptab name=”Confident”]

Demi Lovato Confident Ford Bronco Demi Lovato Confident Harley-Davidson Night Rod


There are two vehicles prominently featured in Demi’s music video for “Confident.” The first is a red Ford Bronco, driven by actress Michelle Rodriguez, star of the Fast and Furious franchise. By the end of the video, we see Demi crashing through the windshield of the Bronco, a dangerous maneuver likely performed by a stunt double.

At the end of the video, Demi hops on a pretty rebellious vehicle of her own: a black 2006 Harley-Davidson Night Rod. She throws on her helmet and zooms off onto the open road, leaving the mess she and Rodriguez made behind.



[wptab name=”Made in the USA”]

Demi Lovato Made in the USA Chevrolet Convertible

Made in the USA

“Made in the USA” references a Chevy from the very first line: “Our love runs deep like a Chevy.” While the song isn’t sponsored by Chevrolet, it plays a great tribute to the all-American brand by mirroring its slogan (“Chevy Runs Deep”) and including an old-school vintage Chevrolet convertible in its video. It’s not clear what the exact model of this Chevy is, but it appears similar to a circa 1960s Chevrolet Impala.




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