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Veloz Is Here To Tell You Electric Cars Exist

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For those of us who write about electric cars every day, it’s easy to forget that some people don’t know they exist. Actually, make that a lot of people, according to the California Air Resources Board. CARB chair Mary Nichols said that more than half of California’s drivers haven’t even heard of electric cars.  So, a coalition of 35 organizations is banding together to go tell them.

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The coalition formed a new non-profit organization, Veloz, with members from automakers, government agencies, utilities, charging network providers, advocates, and more. It will first spread awareness through an “electric for all” ad campaign starting next month. The first ads are “opposites attract,” and Veloz already has a few videos completed.

This push for awareness comes at a particularly pivotal time for green technology. David Hochschild, Veloz Board chair, said, “Now that Governor Brown and the legislature have set California on a path to an electric grid powered 100 percent by clean energy, transitioning to electric vehicles makes more sense than ever. One of the most significant remaining barriers to adoption of electric vehicles is public awareness.”

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On that note, Steve Majoros, director of marketing for Chevrolet, added that the automotive industry, too, is on the verge of great change. He said that GM believes that the future is electric, and that we are overcoming barriers to adoption. However, public perception still remains a problem, leading to the company’s involvement.

The ad campaigns will parallel an Electric For All website, which will formally launch on the 15th, but is already live.

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