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[VIDEO] Cubs Rookie Kris Bryant Gives Chicago Fans a Lyft

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Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant drives a Lyft

For the first time since 2008, the Chicago Cubs appear poised to make the National League playoffs, meaning that they’ll have a shot at winning their first World Series title since 1908—fulfilling a prophecy from Back to the Future Part II, and winning one lucky fan a free DeLorean in the process.

So there’s a palpable excitement on the North Side of Chicago, but apparently not everyone has jumped onto the bandwagon yet. That’s the only way to explain how many of these Lyft users didn’t recognize that their driver was none other than Cubs’ All-Star rookie third baseman Kris Bryant.

Check it out:

Of course, it’s pretty amusing to hear the kind of things people will say to a Cubs player who they don’t realize is a Cubs player, like calling the team’s recent success “kind of unprecedented and kind of unlike them,” or arguing that professional baseball players are athletes in the same way that professional chess players are athletes.

Could have been worse, though. The passengers who do know Bryant (if only by name) say some pretty complimentary things about him, rather than complaining about his home or away splits (batting .299 with 19 homers in Wrigley versus .254 with 5 homers on the road) or something.

One things for sure: if the Cubs actually do win the World Series this year, Bryant will end up longing for a time when he could drive around the city unrecognized.