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[VIDEO] Don’t Drive Your Toyota Supra Like This Guy

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1995 Toyota Supra SE

The 1995 Toyota Supra SE

There’s a certain level of pride that comes alongside ownership of a Toyota Supra. Ever since its discontinuation back in 2002, die-hard Supra fans have been clamoring for Toyota to bring the sports car back, while many of them have modded the crap out of their own Supras. They also tend to go places where they can drive them really fast, such as tracks and drag strips; however, one Supra MK4 owner decided that a quiet cul de sac was the best place to show off his car’s muscles.

Luckily for us, the incident was caught on video (by some dude who doesn’t know that you’re supposed to film videos on your iPhone in landscape, not portrait, dammit). That means we get to enjoy the moment when the Supra, with its loud (kind of tinny) roar tries to come to a stop and instead keeps going and drives headfirst into the house at the end of the cul de sac. You need to watch it for yourself, because it’s beautiful.

Supras from this era were typically powered by a 220-hp naturally aspirated 2JZ-GE engine good for 210 lb-ft of torque, but this version has been quite heavily modded and likely houses something much meatier under the hood. The Supra was improved over its previous generations though the introduction of an aluminum hood and targa top, as well as aluminum front crossmember, oil and transmission pans, and suspension upper A-arms. All this equated to a lighter weight (200 pounds lighter, to be precise), which meant Supra Go Faster.

It’s difficult to guess which types of modifications this Supra has from the poorly shot video, but we think it’s safe to say that the owner will definitely need to do some work on his beloved car after its encounter with a house.

Via: CarScoops