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[VIDEO] Driving a Tiffany-Blue Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S

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tiffany blue rocket bunny scion fr-s

The Tiffany blue Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S

As sporty coupes go, the Scion FR-S is definitely one of the most budget-friendly, whether it’s being sold as a Scion, a Subaru BRZ, or a Toyota 86 (or GT86, depending on your country). While its long list of monikers might make it seem like a complicated car, the FR-S is actually quite simple—until you start adding aftermarket parts, like this Rocket Bunny bodykit.

This customized FR-S is lovingly named Tiffany thanks to its eye-catching Tiffany blue hue, which was painted by Fantasy Colors. But there’s a lot more to this car than its dazzling color—a whopping $50,000 worth of modifications, to be exact. These include a supercharger kit, short-throw shift kit, Sparco racing seats, Takata racing harness, and a DCT aftermarket steering wheel. Due to the aftermarket clutch, the FR-S rattles quite a lot when in neutral, which only adds to its charm. You can see what it’s like to drive this fierce FR-S in the video below from YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins:

While the Tiffany Rocket Bunny FR-S certainly packs in the modifications, there are a number of common aftermarket parts typically added to these sports cars. One of the first things to go is often the stock 17-inch alloy wheels, which are usually replaced by larger wheels fitted with performance tires rather than the stock all-terrains. Other common modifications include a lowered suspension, a sportier exhaust, and enhanced brakes for increased stopping power.

The Scion FR-S will no longer be a thing come August, but the coupe will move over to Toyota’s lineup and adopt the “86” moniker that the car wears in most other countries in which it’s sold.

News Source: AutoEvolution