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[VIDEO] Ford’s Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank

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Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, we’re not talking about the point at which Christmas music starts playing 24/7 on local radio and pine trees and snowmen start appearing everywhere at your local department store, because that is actually the worst time of the year. We’re talking about the actual purpose for October: Halloween.

Naturally, it’s the right time of the year (albeit a bit colder in certain parts of the country) to take a trip through the dry ice fog-choked hallways and strobe-lit clearings of various haunted houses and trails. Ford, however, saw fit to move the scares into a not-oft-used locale: the car wash.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ford’s Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank:

Under the auspices of being featured in a test drive commercial, our victims are lured into a Ford vehicle and guided to a car wash.

Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank

Missing: John Larroquette naration

This is where things start to unravel: the employees seem a bit surly when they don’t get tipped and are overly aggressive with their squeegees. This isn’t terribly dissimilar from anything you’d experience from a lifelong service industry vet, but then the lights go out and all hell breaks loose.

On the whole, the reactions here are pretty priceless. The winner in the whole ordeal, however, may be this unaffected bro:

Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank


For as good as it is, Ford still has a way to go to mirror anything that comes out of Nightmares Fear Factory.

Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank

Like a long way to go. Also: that guy looks like a T-Rex

Arguably, the best part comes at the end, when it becomes clear that nobody victimized by the Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank watched Zombieland and recalled the rule about always checking the back seat.

Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank