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[VIDEO] Golden State Warriors Fan Wins BMW i3 with Lucky Shot

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VIDEO Golden State Warriors Fan Wins BMW i3 with Lucky Shot

Jason from San Jose nails a half-court shot for a free car
Photo: Golden State Warriors via Twitter

The Golden State Warriors aren’t winning as much as they would like to during the NBA Finals this week (thanks to LeBron James and his army of Cavaliers), but that doesn’t mean the Warriors’ fans are going home empty-handed.

During Sunday night’s game at Oracle Area in Oakland, California, one special Warriors fan was given a shot–literally–at winning a brand new 2015 BMW i3. If Jason Valdes of San Jose would be able to make a half-court shot in one attempt, the Warriors fan would win a brand new BMW.

As you can see in the video below, he nailed the toss.

Warriors Fan Wins Free BMW in Half-Court Shot

With an arena full of fans breathlessly watching his every move, Jason Valdes wasn’t phased by the pressure and sank a half-court shot during a break in the third quarter of Sunday’s NBA finals basketball game.

How lucky–or skilled–was Jason? According to Bob Hamman of SCA Promotions, sinking a half-court basket–47 feet away from the basket–is 100-to-1 odds. That’s pretty impressive, and considering Chuck from San Francisco also shot for a free car and came close, that’s even more impressive.

Maybe if the Warriors had opened their roster to their fans, the team would have a better chance at winning the championship this month.

News Source: NBC Bay Area