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[Video] Ken Block Gives Grand Tour of the Hoonigan Shop

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hooniganThe inimitable Ken Block was kind enough to open the doors to the Hoonigan Racing Division (HRD) shop and give the folks at Ford Racing—and, by extension, all of us—a peak at where the magic is made.

Generally, the only way Block grants anyone access to the Hoonigan shop is if they have purchased a Ford Fiesta ST or Focus ST and participated in the ST Octane Academy at Miller Motorsports Park.

From the jump, you know that Hoonigan won’t just be any regular garage. When your blueprints promote “bear” as one of the shop highlights, you’re dealing with anything but ordinary.Hoonigan

Block takes us through his entertainment center, which includes an amazing customized ping pong table, and into his conference room, whose table rests upon wheels used in the making of Gymkhana 4. Naturally, the tour rolls through the service bay, where we get a look at Block’s World Rally Car Fiesta ST and RaptorTRAX among others.Hoonigan

And, yeah, there’s a giant stuffed bear. Because of course there is.Bear

After taking the video tour of Hoonigan, we feel that we’re left with two options: 1) buy a Focus ST or Fiesta ST and sign up for ST Octane Academy or 2) have a serious conversation with our interior decorator.

Source: Ford Motor Company