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[VIDEO] Kyle Busch Surprises Fan in Car Following Martinsville Victory

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Kyle Busch surprises fan in car

Kyle Busch surprises fan in car

On Sunday, Kyle Busch, who drives the No. 18 Toyota Camry in the NASCAR Sprint Cup, took home first place at Martinsville Speedway. This marked a knock-out weekend for Busch, who also won the truck race there the night before. And while that was enough to send his fans into a week-long euphoria, he made one fan’s week—or perhaps even year—extra special.

After the race was over, Kyle and his wife were driving home when they spotted a fan in a nearby car. She was wearing Busch’s No. 18 M&M cap—literally his cap, which she had caught in a crowd at Victory Lane following his win.

 VIDEO: Kyle Busch Stops Fan in Car to Sign Her Hat

In the video above, which was uploaded to Twitter by Busch’s wife Samantha, you can see how endearingly shocked and excited the fan, identified as Darienne Breazeale, is to encounter her favorite and recently victorious driver on the road. She chucks him her hat for him to sign and continues to freak out while they yell back and forth.

But it’s what reportedly happened before the camera started rolling that’s even funnier. Busch, having noticed the woman wearing his hat, honked the horn several times, from behind his blacked out windows. Breazeale told that when she heard Busch’s car honking at her “for five minutes” (geez, that’s a little much, Busch, donchathink?), she and her friend who was driving just assumed that “this idiot” was “trying to cut in front of us or something.” It wasn’t until he rolled down his window that she realized who he was—and her reaction is priceless.

Kyle Busch signing hat

Kyle Busch signs the stinky hat he wore during the race that he gave to this fan that gave it back to him before giving it back to her…

But the story doesn’t stop there. When Darienne later identified herself on Facebook, she started doing interviews on ESPN, Fox Sports, and more, and has even been invited to go to the Food City 500 on April 17th in Bristol, Tennessee, as a guest of the Buschs. She was actually invited to go to this weekend’s race at Texas Motor Speedway, which entailed Kyle Busch paying to fly her out, but she turned it down because of her job. Imagine that—you meet your favorite sports figure, he offers to fly you to watch him race, and you have to turn it down because you’re too busy.

Darienne has liked Busch since she was “9 or 10” years old, which is pretty much when he started racing in the Sprint Cup. “I just liked Kyle. I grew to like him even more because he does so much for charity. He just gives back and he’s just down to earth. He’s a great guy all-around,” Breazeale told “He’s a great driver all-around; amazing. He’s awesome. I always stuck with him.”

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