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[Watch] Is This a Lincoln Aviator Diesel Prototype?

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2020 Lincoln Aviator Signature
Photo: Lincoln Motor Company

A video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday depicts what is said to be a prototype for a diesel-powered Lincoln Aviator. While the 18-second clip in itself doesn’t show much — and somewhat infuriatingly shifts to vertical orientation just a couple seconds in — Ford Authority seems quite convinced that it confirms that an Aviator diesel is coming down the pike.

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You’ll note that the vehicle in the video doesn’t really look any different from the Aviator we’ve already seen. Where Ford Authority says this confirms the existence of a Lincoln Aviator diesel is in what you don’t hear in the video:

At first glance, the black Aviator looks perfectly normal, save for a few missing exterior trim pieces (like the one behind the front passenger-side wheel). But after coming closer, we realized that the prototype actually had the engine running, enabling us to hear the undeniable clanging of a diesel motor. So we instinctively pulled out the phone and recorded this video (please pardon the vertical orientation).

Alex Luft, Ford Authority

Oh, well, at least they apologized for going vertical. On behalf of video snobs everywhere, apology accepted.

The obvious choice for an Aviator diesel would of course be the 3.0-liter Power Stroke V6 that debuted with the 2018 Ford F-150. Ford Authority also speculates that this could mean a diesel option for the Aviator’s cousin, the new Ford Explorer. Given the increasing popularity of diesel options in the midsize SUV segment, it’s certainly not the most far-fetched idea.

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News Source: Ford Authority