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[VIDEO] Mercedes’ Uncrashable Toy Cars Are Perfect Gift for Naughty Children

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Ad seeks to highlight Mercedes' Brake Assist System Plus in a funny way

In Mercedes' "Uncrashable Toy Cars" ad, kids get frustrated that they cannot bang the cars into one another

In Mercedes’ “Uncrashable Toy Cars” ad, kids get frustrated that they cannot bang the cars into one another

It’s no secret that kids can be a tad bit destructive. If you don’t agree, then you’ve probably never seen a child playing with a couple of Hot Wheels cars. Whether they are launching them off into walls or simply banging them into one another, kids love to crash their cars.

Adults on the other hand? No way, Jose. Aside from the fact that real cars are infinitely more expensive than a toy car, they are also large machines that have the potential to harm us if crashed. That’s why we tend to not want to crash our cars.

Mercedes hopes to paint this difference between adults and kids in a highly amusing video starring kids and a set of “uncrashable toy cars.” The point? To aggravate the children to no end by giving them two cars with powerfully repellant magnets that just won’t seem to crash into one another.

Mercedes Uncrashable Toy Cars


Check it out:

VIDEO: Mercedes’ Uncrashable Toy Cars Troll Kids Who Just Want to Have Fun

The video, of course, is more than just a study in kids’ short tempers. It is also meant to demonstrate the power behind Brake Assist System Plus, Mercedes-Benz’s automatic braking system meant to prevent accidents. Brake Assist System Plus is a feature of the all-new 2016 C-Class, as well as a few other Mercedes models. The system utilizes two radar systems to monitor other vehicles and apply the brakes when necessary, if the driver does not. Also included are Cross-Traffic Assist to brake the vehicle at intersections and Pre-Safe Brake to detect pedestrians.

Mercedes Toy Cars Won't Crash

Such deep despair

We’ve got to hand it to Mercedes. This clever ad campaign is a much more positive way to highlight Mercedes’ advanced safety features than that fake Daimler ad that showed the C-Class’ Collision Prevention Assist being used to murder a young Adolf Hitler and prevent World War II from ever happening. (Yes, that really was a thing.)

Kudos to MB and the Jung von Matt/Alster ad agency that put this one together.