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[VIDEO] Nissan Releases Part 9 of TITAN Truckumentary: Making the Grade

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Nissan “TITAN Truckumentary” Chapter 9: “Making the Grade

One of the most challenging tasks that a truck can face in its lifetime is probably pulling some obscenely heavy load up (and then down) some obscenely steep grade. The combination of high engine stress, high heat, and high brake wear is enough to break a lesser pickup.

For that reason, Nissan has been running the new TITAN XD PRO-4X through its paces on the slopes of Montana Mountain:

Montana Mountain is conveniently located two hours away from Nissan’s Arizona Test Center engineering and R&D lab in Stanfield, Arizona, and is the location of much of the off-road grade testing of the new TITAN XD.

Of course, as the episode above shows, this isn’t the only test location—Nissan also takes new truck to a grade near the Davis Dam, with the idea being to test the ability of the TITAN XD to tow heavy loads under high stress in a very, very hot desert.

This is the ninth episode of Nissan’s ongoing Truckumentary, which has highlighted the design, planning, and engineering of the new TITAN XD, as well as some of Nissan’s own truck history. These videos have taken us from the production plant in Tennessee to the pages of the design team’s sketch books to the snow of Southwest Colorado.