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[VIDEO] PSA: Police Don’t Like It When You Try to PIT Maneuver the Car They Are Chasing

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The police of West Walley City, Utah, would like to remind everybody that, while using the PIT maneuver (where a strike to the rear side panel of a moving car causes it to spin out) may look super awesome on the news and cops shows, it should not be performed by those who are not familiar with its use, and especially not by random people in death metal band hoodies using their pickups to cut in on a high-speed police chase.

The overzealous driver of the white pickup was a 28-year-old woman named Rachelle Fernandez, who is now citing her military background and desire to help police as her reasons for interfering (although, apparently she told the officers that arrested her following the incident that she has “blacked out”).

Rachelle Fernandez

We suppose “blacked out” is as good an explanation as any

Unfortunately, Fernandez’s interference was worse than simply aiding police. Her failed PIT maneuver actually pushed the fleeing truck into oncoming traffic, after which she got in the way of officers.

This is what is generally known as “not helping.”

Fernandez was charged with interfering with an arresting officer and failing to stop for an emergency vehicle, both misdemeanors, although some have questioned the arrest, since after all, she was just trying to help.

Usually, the person inside the vehicle asks, "What seems to be the issue, Officer?"Image: Coolcaesar

What’s the matter, officer? A little vigilante justice never hurt anyone.
Image: Coolcaesar

As a response, the police department released the above video and a polite-yet-peeved “thanks, but no thanks,” stating that, seriously, you should not jump into a police pursuit. Police spokesman Roxeanne Vainuku said, in a statemtent, “You […] would not have the appropriate equipment. You would not be in communication with the pursuing officers. So no, not unless you are one of the pursuing officers should you full-on intervene.”

Police also specifically added that no, you shouldn’t jump in even if you were in the military, as combat training is not an acceptable substitute for police officer training.

The suspect in the video, by the way, eventually gave up, pulled over, and was arrested without Fernandez’s help.

News Source: KSL, KUTV