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[VIDEO] Shirtless Tom Hardy Takes a Dive for Hyundai Credit Card Commercial

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Hyundai Card commercial starring Tom Hardy

Photo: Hyundai Card

The vast majority of commercials are spent hammering products into the viewer’s head, ensuring that sales goals are met and profits are made.

However, advertising isn’t always just about selling an item; for some companies, it’s about building an image that appeals to people. And for a product that is about a lifestyle rather than a bottom line, it takes an unorthodox approach to establish that in a commercial. That’s why it requires the input of someone unorthodox–like, say, Tom Hardy.

If you’re a Tom Hardy fan, check out this new Korean commercial for Hyundai Card, an affiliate of Hyundai Motors. It features the English actor’s existential brooding as he dives off a cliff into the water below.

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The commercial is for Hyundai Card, a major credit card company established in 2001 as a joint venture between the Hyundai Motor Company and GE Capital. It has earned a high degree of customer loyalty due to its focus on cultural marketing and promoting career freedom.

Tom Hardy’s voiceover in the Hyundai Card commercial explains how questioning the status quo and going down a different path is the only way to discover “who we really are.” As jumping off a cliff into the unknown water below is used as a metaphor for the ad’s message, the commercial works as a contemplative, artistic piece. And if you’re wondering when the actor’s many tattoos went, they apparently had to be hidden due to Korean media regulations.

The ad was released in December in Korea and promoted the launch of, a new internet broadcast website for the company.

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Hyundai Card commercial video Tom Hardy diving

Photo: Hyundai Card