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Video Shows Buick LeSabre Driving Itself Down Utah Interstate

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The key to getting ahead in the automotive industry today is to be on the cusp of bringing the latest and greatest technologies to the masses. From turbocharged engines and hybrid powertrains to future tech like wireless integration and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, automakers are constantly trying to beat one another to the punch to make their product synonymous with what is hot in autos. One of the latest growing technologies has been autonomous driving; Volvo, Nissan, and Ford are all somewhere in between testing and promising fully autonomous vehicles by or before 2020. While GM has tested its Super Cruise technology in the 2014 Cadillac SRX and once used Buick vehicles to test a “smart highway” concept, it appears they may have already found the answer to driverless transportation: a video captured in Utah shows a busted up old Buick LeSabre driving itself down the interstate.

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As if propelled by the sound of its perpetually blowing horn, a video captured by KUTV in Utah depicts a LeSabre with a bowed-up front end travelling sans-driver down Interstate 15. Slow and steady, the vehicle seems committed to reach some kind of destination, never deviating from the shoulder of the highway (it appears to have been stuck on some kind of divider, which fortunately prevented it from wandering into someone else’s path).

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As AutoBlog tells it, the driver of the LeSabre got into a collision of some sort. The gentleman driver, ever intelligent, decided to get out of the vehicle. According to, witness Thomas Goodman saw the man sitting along on a snowbank at the side of the interstate, “slamming his fist in the snow and making some negative remarks.”

Later down the road, he saw the driverless LeSabre, whipped out his phone, and took the video you see above.

“All I could think is that he crashed the car and jumped out after he got hit in the mouth with the airbag, I’m assuming.”

That’s a good theory as to why you’d see an old Buick LeSabre driving itself, sure. But we’d kind of like to think it was being driven by a ghost. A ghost who really loves the Buick LeSabre.