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[VIDEO] Supra vs. Lambo: Battle of the Super Fast

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Supra vs. Lambo

It’s not just any car that can beat the Underground Racing twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo. In fact, as That Racing Channel (TRC) found out, the Lambo can pretty much beat anything thrown at it in a tuning battle.  TRC tried to race the Lambo against numerous vehicles—including an 1100-hp Porsche—but it wasn’t until they pulled out a Real Street Performance-built Toyota Supra that victory was almost theirs… almost. Check out the Supra vs. Lambo video below:

This is no ordinary Supra. The car has been blessed with numerous performance upgrades, including a Precision 7675 Turbo, Triple Walbro pump setup, and Powerhouse Racing turbo manifold. All this and more allows the Supra to keep up with the Lambo much longer than other competitors, although at the last minute the Lambo takes off and leaves the Supra in its dust.

Toyota ceased production of the Supra in 2002, but to this day enthusiasts beg for a comeback. Ever since Toyota unveiled the FT-1 Concept at last year’s Detroit Auto Show, rumors of a new Supra replacement have been rife. But even if the Supra does reemerge in the next couple of years, chances are the production version won’t rival the Supra in this video. But it’d sure be fun trying to get it there…