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[VIDEO] This Terrifying Hyundai Commercial Proves Why You Should Always Watch Your Rearview Mirror

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Scary Hyundai ix35 commercial Halloween horror jump scare in car woman

October might be over, but the truly scary time of the year is upon us: election day!

If you enjoy being scared, then you’ll appreciate the Halloween commercial that Hyundai Europe released last week. The 30-second video certainly isn’t like your normal car commercial; instead of selling you a car, it just wants to have a little fun–at your expense.

WARNING: If you are prone to heart attacks or peeing your pants, do not watch the video below!

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The scene takes place in a parking garage, where a man sits in his white Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell SUV. As he distractedly browses through his phone, he notices something in the rearview mirror: a figure–a woman with long hair in a trench coat–standing behind his car. Turning around to get a better look, the figure suddenly vanishes.

Shrugging it off, the man resumes what he was doing–only to see the figure reappear via the rearview mirror…this time in his back seat! Again turning around–instead of getting out of the car, like most sane people would–he doesn’t see the woman in his backseat anymore. After a pause, the demonic woman lunges at the screen. BOO!

Scary Hyundai ix35 commercial Halloween horror jump scare in car attack

This short, creepy video by Hyundai doesn’t use any words, but will certainly make you jump. Using the oft-exploited tactic of the jump scare, this short video leaves many viewers shaken. Imagine this video unexpectedly popping up as an advertisement while you’re waiting for your YouTube video to play!

The video may remind some viewers of other horror scenes that take place in parking garages with supernatural entities attacking inside a car, like that one from Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell. Luckily, this wicked Hyundai commercial is nowhere near as disgusting or brutal!

Drag Me To Hell movie scary car attack scene

Scene from “Drag Me to Hell”
Photo: Universal Pictures

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