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[VIDEO] Toyota Tacoma Driver Survives Potentially Deadly Crash in Boston

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Just a couple of weeks ago, we reported that two women survived a crash in which their Toyota RAV4 plunged 60 feet off a bridge and lived to tell the tale. More recently, we read about a 2006 Toyota Tacoma driver who somehow survived what should have been a deadly crash on Boston’s raised I-93. Seems to us that more people should be buying Toyotas.

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This incident occurred early in the morning last Sunday. The driver in question, Vannak Sao, was approaching a split in the interstate that allows drivers to continue north, or go left towards downtown Boston. The driver apparently did not see this split, and drove headfirst into (and through) a pole, an exit sign, and a chain link fence. After this, the truck flew off the elevated highway onto the lower level, which leads traffic directly into the city. A crash of this caliber should surely cause serious injury, or even death, but this driver somehow survived, and we think it has to be largely thanks to the Tacoma.

2006 Toyota Tacoma

A 2006 Toyota Tacoma

After being extricated from the truck by firefighters, Sao was charged by Massachusetts State Police with drunken driving. He was taken to the hospital and stabilized. The pole won’t be as lucky though; WCVB reports that it was “severely damaged,” as well as the exit sign and six lengths of chain link fence.

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News Source: WCVB