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Virginia DMV’s Leap in Technology Allows People to Smile in Pictures

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Virginia takes its driver’s licenses and state IDs very, very seriously. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles brags that the state’s ID cards are among the most secure in the nation, with new IDs being produced in a secure facility and incorporating security printing, polycarbonate construction, and laser-engraved data and photos.

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And, beginning back in 2009, that security meant that you weren’t allowed to smile in your photos, as the neutral facial expression was the best way for the DMV to apply image verification software, which works best comparing similar images.

Now, though, Virginians need no longer look so grim in the DMV (although, depending on the line, they might opt for it anyway)—according to a Virginia DMV press release, advancing technology has made it so that Virginians need no longer keep a neutral expression, finally allowing Virginians the opportunity to smile in the picture.

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Of course, there are some slight downsides to this story. First, should you wish to go out and get a suitably cheery driver’s license, it will cost you a small fee—$20 for driver’s licenses and $10 for ID cards. Second, the Virginia DMV isn’t actually using the image verification software that started this entire mess.

News Source: Virginia DMV