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Volkswagen Dishes Out a Box of Sausages

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Face It, This Is Not the Wurst Headline I’ve Ever Written

Box of sausages from Volkswagen

Bu-bu bu-bu-bu. That’s all, Volks.
Photo: Y’amal

Volkswagen prides itself for selling vehicles like the Beetle, Golf, and Tiguan. However, one of its best-selling products meats something more than your car needs. It puts food on your table after a long day’s work at the pig farm.

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Bearing a part number of “199 398 500 A,” this cylindrical accessory — or subtenant necessity — turns out to be a box of sausages.

Far from the German automaker’s vehicles that turn heads, the VW Originalteil is enough to make your mouth water after one test drive.

Once you stop snorting, you can read on.


Wiener wiener, chorizo dinner

VW has been making sausages since 1973. At that time, the VW factory at its Wolfsburg headquarters rolled out the chopped hog as a meal option for its company’s cafeteria. It served the pork with its factory-made curry-flavored ketchup for breakfast and lunch.

Today, the facility is home to 30 kitchen chefs that are mostly certified butchers, currying a reputation for bacon 18,000 sausages each day. That’s what we call a swine amount of productivity.

Local farms chip in to contribute to the Volkswagen secret family recipe, which consists of pepper, ginger and curry powder.

Chefs dry the sausages in two lengths and smoke them over beechwood before steaming them at 350 degrees F.

This product then ships out to VW dealers all over Germany in packs of five. Dealers giftwrap a set for customers every time they ham on a sales pitch.

A saucisson success

VW has seen much success with the sausages they have delivered to customers. In fact, the German automaker sold almost 7 million sausages in 2017, which is more than the number brand vehicles it sold worldwide in that year alone. As a result, it is fair to say that this is its “most popular non-vehicle part” in the whole world. Go ahead and Google it.


The Jetta may jump, while the Passat plays. The Atlas maps your drive, and the Golf drives you home. However, my money is where my stomach is. VW, give me some of that awesome saus’.

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Next time you are at a VW dealership in Germany, tell them that you would like to test-drive the all-new Volkswagen Originalteil. Try not to squeal, and please don’t mention our name.