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Volkswagen XL Sport Coming to Paris [PHOTOS]

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Volkswagen XL Sport

Our first look at the Volkswagen XL Sport, set to debut this week in Paris

About a year ago, VW paired up with Italian motorcycle company Ducati to create a high-performance, fuel-efficient  sports car based on the company’s XL1, which remains the most fuel efficient production car of all time. The results of their union will be debuting at the 2014 Paris Motor Show this week as the XL Sport. Volkswagen recently revealed some new photos and information about the speedy gas-sipper ahead of its official Paris premiere.

The XL Sport boasts the world’s most powerful two-cylinder engine; a V-twin borrowed and adapted from the Ducati 1199 Superleggera motorcycle. Paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, this motor yields just 197 horsepower but revs to 11,000 rpm. The Volkswagen XL Sport has a top speed of 168 mph, along with a pretty nice 0 to 62 mph time of 5.8 seconds.

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The Volkswagen XL Sport

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Not all of that speediness can be attributed solely to the car’s two-cylinder, though.  Volkswagen worked pretty tirelessly to streamline the XL Sport to within an inch of its life, netting it the title of the world’s most aerodynamic sports car. Its 0.258 coefficient of drag is just a little higher than the XL1’s 0.189.

Volkswagen hasn’t released any fuel efficiency figures for the XL Sport yet, which is disappointing. However, we can probably expect to know more after the car has had its official debut in France. Although it’s unlikely to share the XL1’s 261 mpg rating, it’s sure to put up some impressive figures, considering its tiny motor, excellent aerodynamics, and lightweight body. Right now, Volkswagen is only planning to build 250 units, but perhaps a positive reception this week could inspire them to put the XL Sport into production.

As you would imagine, the car looks very similar to the XL1, but, y’know, sportier. Check out the photo gallery below to see the Volkswagen XL Sport for yourself.