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Volo Auto Museum Auction Will Free Up Space for New Vehicles

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While some auto museums have auctions due to a lack of business, that’s not the case for the Volo Auto Museum in Lakemoor, Illinois. Home to famous movie and celebrity cars, this museum is selling some of its current vehicles to make room for new ones. Specifically, it’s making room for vehicles it will add to its upcoming Punishment and Crime Museum, set to open in 2019.

Like with any excellent museum, curators monitor visitor preferences and tweak displays accordingly. Volo Auto Museum visitors have shown an increased interest in celebrity-connected or film-related cars. About 25 percent of the 400 cars usually on display at the museum fall into this category, and auction prices for these cars have also surged.

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One of the three Corvette Grand Sports built for Fast Five, at the Volo Auto Museum
Photo: Volo Auto Museum

As museum director Brian Grams expressed, “Movie cars and the unusual have become increasingly attractive to collectors, but they are extremely difficult to get.” He shared how the car Paul Walker drove in the Fast and Furious films sold for $21,00 a few years back. Now, that same vehicle could easily boast a price tag of $200,000.

The auction will run from Sep. 19 to 25 on eBay. It’s a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for collectors,” as Grams put it. Some of the film- and celebrity-connected vehicles to be auctioned include The Bunny Car, Michael Jackson Soul Train, and the 1984 DeLorean Time Machine. You can see the full list of vehicles set to be included in the auction on the museum’s website.

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News Source: Northwest Herald, Volo Auto Museum