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Volvo May Revisit Concept Estate Production

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Say what you will for high-concept fastbacks that will never see production or amphibious-looking CUVs that will eventually be reduced to something as beige as the carpet in your apartment, but we hold firm that one of the most handsome concepts to be revealed anywhere in the last year was the Volvo Concept Estate.

Volvo Concept Estate production

We’re not wrong, ya know…

The Concept Estate is an elegant, sexy wagon that previewed much of the styling that would be featured on the 2015 Volvo XC90—from the Thor’s hammer headlamps to the extremely posh interior and its touchscreen infotainment interface.

More Proof: That Sexy Interior

Given that 1) it’s a concept and 2) Americans inexplicably don’t have a taste for shooting brakes, it’s considered unlikely that a production version of the Concept Estate will be made or find its way into North America.

There is reason enough for hope, however. Jalopnik printed a letter that a Canadian Volvo enthusiast sent to Volvo Canada’s Customer Care Team, wherein he wrote:

Like my parents, I find it hard to swallow the loss in value that occurs when you drive a new car of the lot. That said, if the Concept Estate that was released last year makes it to market I will bite the bullet as I will never sell that car. I haven’t been excited about a new car like this since I was a little kid.

Volvo’s response was relatively uneventful—basically to the effect of “thanks for your interest, a lot of people seem to share your enthusiasm for the Concept Estate, we plan on using it as a basis for how future Volvo Cars will look.”

And then there’s this line:

While there are currently no plans to put the Concept Estate into production, it appears that the market response may dictate that we re-visit this decision.

Take it away, Lloyd Christmas.


Look at These Images and Tell Us You Wouldn’t Be Psyched by Concept Estate Production

Volvo Concept Estate

News Source: Jalopnik