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[PHOTOS] Volvo S60L PPHEV Revealed in Beijing

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Volvo S60L PPHEV

The Volvo S60L PPHEV was unveiled today at the 2014 Beijing International Auto Show

This morning at the Beijing International Auto Show, the Volvo S60L PPHEV (Petrol Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) Concep Car was unveiled for the first time. The S60L PPHEV takes the efficiency of an electric car, the flexibility of a hybrid, and the thrill of performance vehicles and rolls them up into one sexy little package.

Gallery: Volvo S60L PPHEV Exterior

Unlike most concepts over which we drool, the Volvo S60L PPHEV Concept Car will get a production version, which will utilize a Drive-E turbocharged engine and all of its 238 horsepower in combination with the latest plug-in hybrid technology. So far as we know, the PPHEV is only being built in China and for China; the S60L will be produced at the automaker’s Chengdu plant with an early 2015 launch timetable.

“The creation of a powertrain with 238+68 hp and 350+200 Nm of torque by combining a petrol turbo from our new four-cylinder Drive-E engine family and an electric motor proves that the most efficient car can also be the most fun to drive. This is our most technologically advanced powertrain ever. It brings us closer to our vision to offer zero-emission motoring in the future,” says Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President, Research and Development at Volvo Cars.

The SL60’s powertrain will also feature a crankshaft-driven Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) bridging the engine and the eight-speed automatic gearbox. The 68-horsepower electric motor will be stored beneath the floor of the load compartment in order to conserve space.

Volvo S60L PPHEV

The Volvo S60L PPHEV will also come with three driving modes—Pure, Hybrid, or Power—which allows the driver to optimize performance and emissions to their liking. The S60L will also come equipped with an instant all-wheel-drive button to distribute power between the gasoline-powered front wheels and the electronically-controlled rear axle.

Aesthetically, the Volvo S60L PPHEV will come in a matte white crystal pearl color with either black or blue lower body details. The interior boasts hazel-brown leather seats, steering wheel, instrument panel details, and door panels with chrome accents throughout.

Gallery: Volvo S60L PPHEV Interior

What say you: should Volvo consider bringing this beast stateside?