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VW Cars To Become Giant Smart Home Remotes

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2016 Volkswagen CC

In this day and age, consumers keep asking for cars that are more connected to life off of the road. That has lead to products like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allow customers to fully integrate their phones with their cars, and internet connectivity to allow access to the internet for passengers. This month it has been announced that VW will be working towards making a car that can control smart elements of a driver’s home.

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Volkswagen’s new partnership with Korea’s LG Electronics reportedly means that the two companies will be working together to create a new car platform that will be housed in the cloud to better connect a driver’s home life with their vehicles. Mashable says that there will be three parts of this service: Connecting cars to homes, bring messaging to the car, and a new infotainment system to manage the new features.

Homes are becoming smarter than ever, with several pieces of hardware and apps available that allow homeowners to turn on lights, change thermostats, and start appliances with a tap of the screen. Several apps, like Automatic’s IFTTT, even allow users to set recipes that when they leave home, all lights and appliances turn off and away thermostat settings take over. LG and VW want that control to be integrated into cars, so that the thermostat could be bringing a home to a more comfortable temperature during a driver’s commute.

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The messaging component of the new infotainment system would be created to limit distractions and seamlessly exist alongside the new smart home technology. Reports claim that the companies have a goal of the 2021 model year to have the technology tested and in vehicles. We’ll see if the concept fully becomes reality, and if any competitors try to copy the idea.

News Source: Mashable