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VW Ceasing Bus Production, Partying Continues on in Spirit

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When you think about the 60s and 70s, it’s hard not to think about the iconic VW Bus painted with bright colors, sitting on the grass at Woodstock. Since the beginning of its production in 1949, the Bus—also frequently referred to as the hippie van—has come to represent the free love, weed smoking, living life to the fullest lifestyle that is the 60s and 70s. While the hippie era might have ended 40 years ago, it has lived on through the Bus and still will even with the announcement that VW is ceasing the production of the iconic vehicle.

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The Bus, which is actually officially named the Type 2, has been in constant production for 64 years, though it’s considered one of the least safe vehicles on the road. The cab-forward design, which places the driver in front of the front axle, doesn’t meet safety requirements in almost every country. Because of this, the only factory that makes the Bus is located in Brazil. Due to a new law that requires all new cars in Brazil to have anti-lock brakes and air bags, this manufacturing plant can no longer produce the Bus, meaning the last one will be produced on December 31.

While VW ceasing Bus production might be the end of an icon, the Bus will still live on through the stories of those who have owned one throughout their lives.

Volkswagen Bus

The legendary VW bus.

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