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Wahlmusic, Wahlmovies, Wahlburgers, and Now … Wahlberg Chevrolet

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Always on the lookout for new opportunities, Marky Mark just teamed up with his business partner to buy a Chevy dealership in Columbus, Ohio

Wahlberg Chevrolet

Now that he’s topped the pop charts as Marky Mark, established himself as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, tricked out a Toyota Sienna, and opened a burger chain with brothers Paul and Donnie, what worlds are left for Mark Wahlberg to conquer?

Auto sales, it turns out.

Wahlberg recently teamed up with Jay Feldman to purchase Bobby Layman Chevrolet in Columbus, Ohio. Feldman already partners with Wahlberg to run multiple Wahlburgers locations, and he also owns several Chevy dealerships in Michigan.

“I am continuously looking for ways to innovate my brand and engage in businesses I am passionate about,” Wahlberg said in a statement. “I love cars, and the chance to work with an experienced, proven dealer-operater like Jay and represent an iconic brand like Chevrolet inspired me to get involved.”

mark walhberg toyota sienna minivan ellen degeneres

Mark Wahlberg discusses his Toyota Sienna with Ellen DeGeneres

Wahlberg will give the dealership an instant boost in name recognition, but as is, its brand is far from unknown in the region. Bobby Layman Chevrolet is notorious throughout central Ohio for its goofy TV commercials, “39-oh-oh West Broad” location, and instantly recognizable “Bobby Layman, Bobby Layman” jingle. Owned by Layman until his death in 2014, the dealership is also heavily involved in the surrounding community.

The dealership has been renamed as Wahlberg Chevrolet, and Feldman tells The Columbus Dispatch that Wahlberg plans to be involved there and present in the community. The dealership’s new owners are also planning to hire additional staff and offer special-edition vehicles based on Wahlberg’s customization ideas.

In case you’re wondering, there’s no word yet on whether Wahlberg also plans to trade in his Sienna for a Tahoe or a Suburban.

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