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[Watch] 128 Vauxhall Astras Form Union Jack

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Vauxhall Astra Union Jack

Photo: © General Motors

What do you get when you take 48 red, 40 white, and 40 blue Vauxhall Astras and arrange them tastefully in the parking lot of the Ellesmere Port manufacturing plant in England? The answer, as you’ll see, is an enormous Union Jack.

This stunt was organized as a means to celebrate the launch of the seventh-generation Astra and the plant that has been the home of British Astra production for more than 36 years. In all, 128 new Astras were brought together to create the Union Jack.

Video: Bringing Together the Vauxhall Astra Union Jack

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“This is a proud day for Vauxhall and its workforce at Ellesmere Port,” said Business Minister Anna Soubry. “Manufacturing the seventh generation Astra onsite secures 2,000 jobs into the next decade, boosts productivity and further demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to the UK.”

Vauxhall Astra Union Jack

The new Astra marks the 11th major vehicle line to be built at Ellesmere Port and secures 2,000 jobs at the Cheshire plant for the next ten years. In all, 3 million Astras have been sold in the United Kingdom alone over the past three-plus decades, and estimated 2016 production output suggests that Ellesmere Port will produce another 680 new Astras per day.

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