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Watch Jeep Evolve Over 75 Years Before Your Eyes in New Video

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2016 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited 75th Anniversary edition

Jeep is celebrating its 75th anniversary the right way with special-edition models like this Wrangler and a video that highlights its evolution as a brand

Over the past 75 years, Jeep has become a household name synonymous with off-roading. This rugged American carmaker went from being a military vehicle to the go-to transportation for drivers that love adventure. In fact, some might say that the Jeep brand has a bit of a cult following.

The brand started out in Toledo, Ohio when its very first model—the MB—rolled off the assembly line there. This was back when Jeep was in its infancy, only recently changing its name from Willys-Overland to Jeep.

While no one really knows where the word “jeep” came from, the common belief focuses on the vehicle’s military designation of GP, which stands for Government/General Purpose. Many believe that the word “jeep” is the slurred version of “GP,” much like the term “humvee” is the slurred version of HMMWV. Regardless of the name of the brand’s origin, it quickly became a popular vehicle choice—and it still is now.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the brand, Jeep has been going all out. Not only has it created special-edition models for its popular vehicles, but it just released a video that illustrates the brand’s evolution. This video, which stretches just over a minute and a half, walks the viewer through the creation of the first Willys MA for military purposes to the introduction of other popular models, like the Wrangler and the Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

It eventually ends with the quote, “Times change. Icons are forever.”

To get a taste of Jeep’s 75th anniversary video, watch it for yourself below.

VIDEO: Jeep’s 75 Years of Evolution