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We Want To Ride In The Nissan Bobsleigh

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Nissan X-Trail Bobsleigh

Back in January, I reported on Nissan’s latest vehicle. Not the new GT-R, not a new sedan, but the Nissan Bobsleigh. The bobsleigh’s expanded capacity of seven riders mirrors the seven passengers that can ride in the Nissan X-Trail SUV (or Nissan Rogue), which is what the bobsleigh was originally built to celebrate. From the chrome grille and badge on the nose of the bobsleigh to the L-shaped headlights, everything possible about this new vehicle honors and imitates the Nissan X-Trail.

This month, I hopped on YouTube to catch up with my favorite channels, and that’s where I found Carfection’s video that chronicled a trip to Austria to ride in the Nissan bobsleigh. That’s right, members of the press were brought by Nissan to the legendary bobsleigh track in Innsbruck to actually ride in the very red, very fast Nissan bobsleigh. Seven passengers, many of whom I assume are not trained athletes (I mean that with respect), means that the vehicle is heavier than the average sleigh, which makes it much faster as it’s going downhill.

Watching the video, it’s clear that the ride was a lot of fun, and very exhilarating. After riding in the Nissan contraption, participants were then sent back up the track to experience a traditional bobsleigh experience. The team at Carfection then compared the two bobsleighs, and then compared them to the Nissan X-Trail they had been driving around courses and the Autobahn for two days.

By the time the video ended, I was green with envy. The trip down the track in Nissan’s latest vehicle looked like so much fun, and it would be so much different than riding in a street legal vehicle in the United States. Dear Nissan, if you decide to bring your shiny red toy back onto the track, consider inviting the team from The News Wheel. Our area of Ohio is home to King’s Island, which means that we’ve had the perfect training for the bumpy ride in the Nissan bobsleigh. If you do invite us, I promise to only say “feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme” two (ok, probably three) times.