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Weather Can’t Touch Lincoln January Sales

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Thanks in part to the MKZ, Lincoln has had a record sales month.

The polar vortex might be wreaking havoc on your social calendar, but the bitter winds and crazy snowstorms seem to have no effect on Lincoln January sales. Ford Motor Company recently posted the sales report for January and it seems as if a bubble of perfect weather surrounded Lincoln dealers across the country, allowing them to post the best January sales in four years with an impressive 43 percent increase on both MKZ and MKX sales.

“Given the difficult weather in our largest sales region, we are fortunate to have held in at retail as well as we did,” said John Felice, Ford vice president, U.S. marketing, sales, and service, in the automaker’s press release. “In areas where the weather was good, such as in the West, sales were up. The poor weather also had an impact on the timing of some of our fleet deliveries.”

Ford sales were down seven percent in January, which is largely consistent with other major automakers, who suffered through a month of seemingly endless snow and awful weather. According to Good Morning America, retail sales across the United States were down due to poor road conditions and sub-zero temperatures.

“A bright spot is Lincoln, which had its strongest sales in four years,” he added.

With 5,973 Lincoln vehicles sold in January, we would definitely agree that Lincoln is Ford Motor Company’s bright spot last month. The Lincoln MKZ and MKX consisted of 4,601 of those vehicles, showing the vehicles’ popularity in the market. With the new Navigator on the horizon, it’s entirely possible that record Lincoln January sales may well be the first step in record annual sales.