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West Memphis is Enforcing Stiffer Penalties for Junk Cars

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Photo: Chris Chan

If you live in West Memphis, Arkansas, and own a dilapidated vehicle, you might want to fix it up or get rid of it. Starting April 15, a stricter policy is going into effect to help curb the number of junk cars found parked on city roads.

The ordinance refers to a junk car as an “inoperable motor vehicle” and defines it as follows: “any vehicle placed on blocks or one that does not have current, valid license plates or has one or more wheels removed, or is not in proper condition to be legally operated on the streets of the city because of lack of proper mufflers, tires, headlights, or other mechanical defects or because of lack of an integral part of assembly, or is not capable of self-locomotion.”

So, basically, if the car doesn’t work because it’s missing key parts like tires, an engine, and headlights, then it shouldn’t be left parked on the side of a street.

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According to Captain Joe Baker, with West Memphis PD, officials tallied a total of 600 cars in the city that fell under the “inoperable motor vehicle” category. “We’re going to go back and begin issuing citations for any vehicle that’s not moved.”

If you’re found guilty of a junk car violation, be prepared to pay a significant amount in fines. The first fine will be $250, then $350, and finally $1,000.

Thanks to the new ordinance and its rigid enforcement, the residents of West Memphis should start enjoying a tidier, more aesthetic vibe as its streets are cleared off dysfunctional vehicles.

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News Source: Fox 13 Memphis