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What Is Mazda Talking About With Connectivity Technologies?

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2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Yesterday we wrote about how Mazda had announced more definite plans for its electric vehicles and the return of the rotary engine. However, alongside that announcement was another. It was also on the direction Mazda plans to take in the future, but is far vaguer, under the title of Connectivity Technologies.

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In the press release, Mazda said that it would develop connectivity technology that would “offer an enriching experience of the joy of life, connecting people by facilitating the sharing of experiences and feelings through cars.” In particular, Mazda pledged to work to help resolve the social issue of weakening interpersonal connections that came with changes in our society. It plans to use its technology to connect people to other people. Mazda also said that it would continue to develop new technology in this field, using its longstanding partnership with Toyota to do so.

Akira Marumoto, Mazda Representative Director, President, and CEO, said that the company saw the future as a chance to create “a new car culture.” He added that the company would continue making vehicles using its human-centered development style, particularly when it comes to navigating new trends in connectivity, autonomy, sharing, and electrification.

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So, what technology could Mazda be talking about here? I personally find it unlikely that the company was referencing anything in particular, merely offering general guidance. Also, given Mazda’s stance on self-driving cars (it wants nothing to do with them), it seems unlikely that it is getting involved with some sort of inter-car social media. Instead, I think Mazda would rather work on improving technology like in-car Bluetooth calling, which let you connect with other people while enjoying the drive. Perhaps it might work on technology to help alleviate distracted driving, along the same lines.