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What the Flip! The Rolling Volkswagen is Back

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"They see me rollin, they hatin!"

RollGolf 2.0 Flip

RollGolf 2.0 in action
: mastermilo82

“It’s a good thing to turn your mind upside down now and then, like an hour-glass, to let the particles run the other way.” –Christopher Morley

Sometimes the world gets a little boring if you’re right-side up all the time. That’s why YouTuber Milo Luijben has taken it upon himself to flip his world upside down, and he’s chosen a trustworthy contender to do the honors — a Volkswagen Golf.

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Milo’s first iteration of his rolling car was created in 2010. After shortening the chassis by cutting it in half, the MiniGolf was eager to flip every time it came to a stop during its first test drive. So, Milo and his team added a roll cage to make the MiniGolf’s dream come true. With that modification, the MiniGolf turned into the RollGolf, which became a viral hit. Unfortunately, in a 2016 workshop fire, the flaming orange RollGolf, along with other projects, was destroyed.

But don’t be sad! The RollGolf is back, and it’s shorter and rolling more than ever before! By cutting out the midsection (and then some) and welding it back together, RollGolf 2.0 is about 10 centimeters shorter than the original, giving it an extra bounce. With the roll cage fitted and the center of gravity at the front, RollGolf 2.0, now in white, can seat up to two people for some flipping fun.

Milo’s YouTube channel, mastermilo82, is full of unusual alterations and car creations, with the RollGolf being the most well-known vehicle of the bunch. As an experienced mechanic, his videos are all about cars — with an added twist of excitement featuring stunts, destruction, and of course, rolling.

Also, RollGolf 1.0 is not completely dead. Last December, Milo returned to the burned workshop, found the original RollGolf, and turned it into a Christmas tree. What a festive use of the iconic legend.

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