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What to Keep in Your Car for an Impromptu Picnic or an On-the-Go Meal

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If you’re headed out a road trip, it’s likely you and your brood will be hungry along the way. And even though it’s all about the journey, eventually you want to get where you’re going. Eating on the go is great way to save time and nudge you closer to your destination a bit more quickly.

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To be road trip meal-ready, you’ll need to haul specific gear and accessories such as a portable cutting board and knife, utensils, BPA-free and silicone drinking glasses, a salt and pepper grinder, a soft side cooler that’s insulated, napkins, and reusable snack bags, according to theKitchn Writer Cambria Bold.

If you want to stretch your pit stop into an impromptu picnic, you’ll want to swing by the grocery store for your favorite picnic treats and keep essentials stored in your trunk, according to theKitchn Writer Kristin Appenbrink.

“You might be lucky enough to find an empty picnic table, but if you’re flocking to the park like everyone else, you’re better off having a picnic blanket,” she writes. “Look for one that has a waterproof backing, so that even if the ground is a bit damp, it won’t put a damper on your picnic.”

Bug spray is essential to keep your picnic pest free and sunscreen is a must to protect your skin — Appenbrink reminds you to spray and apply away from your picnic and recommends you use a tea towel to create a barrier between your food and bugs, too.

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“Keeping a cooler in your trunk makes last-minute picnics incredibly easy. When you’re grabbing your snacks and drinks at the grocery store, simple add a bag of ice,” advises Appenbrink. “Get a roomy cooler and it also becomes the perfect place to store your other picnic supplies when they aren’t in use.”

For a quick clean up, especially if the absence of running water, Appenbrink recommends keeping a pack of cleaning wipes on hand.

News Source: the Kitchn, the Kitchn