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Where is the Toyota Supra?

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Toyota at 45th Tokyo Motor Show

Photo: ©Toyota

Toyota brought a lot of interesting vehicles, concepts and technologies to the 45th annual Tokyo Motor Show. It showed off a cool four-wheel-drive, hydrogen fuel cell SUV that supposedly makes 400 bhp and can go 600 miles on a single tank; it revealed the latest versions of the Century and the Crown; it presented a cute car that can make conversation with you based on your emotions; and it even brought a full panel of performance vehicles, including the TS050 Hybrid LMP1 car and a new sports car concept.

But there was one glaring omission. Where was the Toyota Supra?—you know, the car that is supposed to be based on the FT-1 Concept first unveiled three years ago, and which we has been spied testing countless times in camouflage as recently as two days ago? We had believed the Supra would be finally unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show but it was neither brought to the show nor even mentioned in one of Toyota’s press conferences.

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It feels a bit like a missed opportunity. Given the aforementioned performance vehicles Toyota did deign to present at the show, and the general emphasis the Japanese automaker seems to be making on sporty cars and designs of late, Tokyo seemed like the perfect place to finally announce and reveal the car everyone has been waiting for. We suppose it’s possible it isn’t coming after all, but given all of the spy shots of it, that seems unlikely.

Perhaps Toyota believed it was the wrong time. There was definitely a recurring theme at the Tokyo Motor Show, a definite focus on electrification, artificial intelligence, and autonomous technology. The Supra is likely to feature very little of this (though a hybrid powertrain is not out of the question), so perhaps Toyota didn’t wish to steal the show with a vehicle so unlike everything else being presented there.

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