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Why Did Chris Evans Always Wear a Yellow Shirt on ‘Top Gear’?

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That yellow shirt

Top Gear fans, especially those from the old regime of hosts, are very particular about their favorite motoring program (or programme, if you hail from the UK). Many of the more observant users on Twitter and Reddit pointed out that new host Chris Evans (not that one) seemed to wear a yellow t-shirt in every episode of the new season, except for one instance where it was white. The meaner part of the internet took that and ran with it, wondering why he couldn’t put on a clean shirt. Well, if you were one of those people, get ready to feel terrible.

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Chris Evans was wearing his lucky shirt. Not only was it for luck, it was from his popular “CarFest” show that raises money for the British Children In Need charity. RadioTimes reports that the lucky shirt has worked for him in the past, but clearly it let him down this time around.

After reading that, I hope the internet bullies take a long, hard look at themselves. Chris Evans was so excited and nervous that he wore a lucky shirt, and you mocked him for it!

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Even after all this drama, Chris Evans should still be proud that he managed to put together the crack team that will carry the show onward. Even with all of the mocking, CarFest will continue this year to raise money for a great cause. He will also continue hosting his Radio 2 morning show where no one can see his lucky shirt and make fun of him.

News Source: RadioTimes