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Widespread Adoption of EVs Could Spell the End of the Convenience Store

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Sunoco gas station

Conventionally-fueled vehicles require regular stops to replenish the fuel tank. It’s common to stop in at the convenience store area of the gas station for a drink and/or snack, after you’re done refueling your ride. Electric vehicle (EV) technology might soon render the beverage and convenience store industries extinct, however.

Jeff Lenard of the National Association of Convenience Stores expressed his concern about the potential threat to the beverage industry. “Beverages drive sales, and beverages drive profits at convenience stores, so any competition that could reduce those sales and those profits is a concern.”

According to The Washington Post, Monster Beverages would be one of the primary companies impacted by the predicted decline in sales. It currently relies on gas and convenience stores for 63% of its overall sales.

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Some industry experts—like Grant McAllister, with ADD Systems—claim that convenience stores should incorporate charging station areas to help accommodate electric vehicles and help encourage their owners to purchase items from the store. After all, EV charging can take a significant amount of time—as short as 15 minutes or as long as two hours. Who wouldn’t want a convenient place to grab a drink or use the restroom during this period?

Conventional gas stations still outnumber charging stations, at present. According to Loren McDonald, contributor with Clean Technica, there were 1,200,000 gas stations compared to only 48,472 EV charging stations, as of this past December. It will likely be another decade or two before the beverage and convenience store industries really start feeling the impact of EV technology adoption. Nonetheless, individuals and entities that fall under the umbrella of this field should actively start experimenting with new layouts and features, to adapt to the changing scene of transportation.

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