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Will ‘The Grand Tour’ Live Up To The Hype?

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Tomorrow’s the day the car world has been waiting for. The first episode of The Grand Tour will go live on Amazon, and Prime subscribers will be able to watch all of the fun in high definition.  With as much money that Amazon paid to hire the former Top Gear trio, more weight than normal is being put on a car show. But is it ready and worthy?

Think back to earlier this year, which with the year we’re having seems like eons ago. When the new Top Gear team took the air with the revamped program and hosting lineup, the automotive world tore it apart. It was similar to the old Top Gear, but not enough for old fans of the show. As a result, ratings took a dive and main host Chris Evans (not that one) had to step down. We all had minor complaints, from the show feeling too much like an ad at times to Chris Evans shouting everything he said, but the cold and cruel voice of the internet amplified everything and drowned out any praise of the show.

Top Gear Amazon

James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond will reunite as hosts of a new Amazon Prime show

Quite frankly, I am worried that the same thing might happen to The Grand Tour. Many fans of the old Top Gear team seem to think that this new show will be more of the same antics that appeared on the BBC, but bigger and better than ever. What they forget is that the BBC is watching, making sure that nothing about this new show is close enough to Top Gear, or they will sue to protect their brand (and maybe get a little bit of revenge). Will the differences make the fans upset, and make them forsake the new show, leaving it to gather dust in the Amazon server room?

As the minutes count down until the show goes live, all we can do is hold our breath in anticipation. You can also bet that we’ll have our eyes on social media for uncensored fan reaction. Kurt will be here tomorrow with a full review, so check back with us soon.