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Win a Box of Nissans for Your Mom

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Box of Chocolate Nissans

In case you were not aware, Mother’s Day is coming up here in the United States on Sunday, May 8th. If you haven’t thought about your plans for the big day, get a move on because brunch reservations are filling up fast, and you don’t want to be that child that takes your mom out for Mother’s Day and makes her wait an hour to be seated in a restaurant. To get your mom a truly unique gift for her day, consider entering to win her a Box of Nissans.

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For the record, the Box of Nissans is not a box containing some of America’s best cars to add to Mom’s car collection. It is a delicious box of chocolate Nissan vehicles that are a sweet way to tell mom how much you care. Inside the box are Nissan GT-Rs made of white chocolate, Nissan Maximas made of dark chocolate, and Nissan Rogues made of milk chocolate.

Box of Chocolate Nissans

If you are considering getting mom a Box of Nissans for Mother’s Day, you have to work hard for it. From now until May 8th, Nissan fans can submit stories about their mothers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a chance to win one of these exclusive gifts. On Instagram and Twitter, users need to use the hashtags #BoxofNissans and #contest with their stories, and Facebook users can enter on the Nissan page for their chance. If you really love your mother, please enter the contest on Facebook and Instagram. Twitter is great for short thoughts, but are 140 characters (or the 118 left after the hashtags) really enough to tell the world how much you love your mom?

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Contest winners will be notified around May 13th if they have won the contest. That means that you need to still buy a gift for Mom for May 8th, but just imagine the joy on her face when you follow it up later with the unique Nissan chocolates. To learn more about the contest, visit Nissan’s special site for the project. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there, even if they’re not Nissan fans.