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Win One of 3 Mazdas in “The Great GMA Car Giveaway”

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2014 mazda3

Win a new Mazda3, Mazda6, or CX-5 in the GMA Car Giveaway.

Routine is never as important as it is in the morning.  Everyone gets up at the same time during the week and goes through the exact same pre-work rituals before they leave their house for the day.  This often times involves flipping on a news station to get an idea of what is going on in the world that day.  If you tune into Good Morning America, part of your routine could win you a car.

Good Morning America has teamed up with Mazda in order to say thanks to its loyal fans.  Through the “The Great GMA Car Giveaway” Contest, three lucky people will win their choice of a Mazda3, Mazda6 or a Mazda CX-5.  However, this is no simple “luck of the draw” type contest: the winners will not only have to be lucky, they’ll have to be worthy.

GMA is asking for contestants to nominate a person that deserves and could really benefit from a brand-new Mazda.  To enter, you must go online, answer questions related to the shows that aired from Nov. 4-8, and submit a 300-word or less essay that explains why you are nominating a certain person.

Best of all, GMA has arranged for all taxes on the vehicle to be paid, so whoever wins one of the three 2014 Mazda vehicles in The Great GMA Car Giveaway will get them with no strings attached.